The Nature of Retail Pro POS – Tablet POS

Natively Modular Platform

Retail Pro Tablet POS’s modular application suite provides a more efficient deployment methodology giving you the power to choose retail tools relevant to your business needs.

Adaptable Platform Design

Retail Pro Tablet POS’s adaptable design is capable of integrating seamlessly with all existing versions of Retail Pro 9, ERP systems, loyalty, analytics, and any other platform you might choose for your business.

Flexible UI

Retail Pro Tablet POS utilizes a scriptable XML/CSS user interface giving you more control and flexibility over tailoring the product to fit your unique business needs, processes, and brand. A fully customizable User Interface that is intuitive, easy-to-use, and adaptable is a hallmark of Retail Pro.

Real-Time Communications

Retail Pro Tablet POS’s real-time communications keep your retail systems up-to-date with the right data, updated as often as your business demands.

Central Control

Fast, centralized communications allow you to remotely upgrade software, ensure integrity of critical data, and lock down critical preferences across stores while still allowing locations to modify their key details.

Database Neutral

We developed Retail Pro Tablet POS to harness the power of three leading industry database platforms – Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL, giving you the choice to select the database technology that best fits your environment and budget.