What is Kyrio POS?

Kyrio POS also known as Know Your Retail Inside Out Point of Sale helps small and medium business owners achieve their goals by making it easier to run their business, connect with customers and sell anywhere. Kyrio POS is a total business solution that helps small business owners manage inventory and customer relationships, while also offering a powerful reporting and alerting engine, as well as pricing and automated marketing functionalities. It supports offline mode and its cloud-based technology allows us to deliver an incredible amount of value to customers at a low price.

How does it work?

Retailers can download the application directly from Google Play to an Android tablets, or Android phones in the near future. An optional integrated barcode scanner and a magnetic stripe reader that enables secure, integrated credit card processing with end-to-end encryption can also be added to the Android device. This enables merchants to manage customer transactions and data in their stores, near their store, and at any other location where their customers might interact.

Who are Kyrio POS customers?

Kyrio POS customers are the heart of the economy. They are small business entrepreneurs with a passion, a dream and a strong desire to make a difference in the communities they serve. They are your friends and your neighbors. Some of our pilot customers include: apparel stores, bakeries, boutiques, food trucks, restaurants and karaoke bars. Almost any independent shopkeeper or service provider in your neighborhood is a potential customer for Kyrio POS.

What are the benefits of Kyrio POS to customers?

Kyrio POS makes it easier for small business owners to run their business, connect with their customers and sell anywhere. Owners can track and analyze results from anywhere and at any time with the assurance of secured transactions, and they can depend on Kyrio’s trusted customer service and tech support whenever they need it. But one of the greatest benefits that Kyrio POS offers is time – time for our customers to manage and grow their business and time to live their lives on their own terms.